Jewelry Repair & Design in Yelm

A wonderful rose and white gold ring with diamonds.


Design & Craft

Resizing on a ring.
Detail of stone setting on a ring.

Incredible detail and craftsmanship. Best customer service with the attention of your individual needs. I'm extremely happy to have found this "gem" of a place, and lovely people.

Samantha Kaufman
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Expert jewelry care & REPAIR

An experience you will enjoy for life.

Welcome to Elie Jewelry Repair

Jewelry is treated with skills and great care.

You can feel rest assured and relax knowing that your precious jewelry is in trusted hands. Even when it is not on the jeweler's bench it is being kept safe and secure. We proudly complete all of our repair and restoration work in-house using state-of-the-art equipment and technology. We also have the ability and expertise to repair platinum. 

Personalized direct contact with your jeweler.

Have direct contact with your jeweler to discuss your concerns or any questions. After full examination of the piece, we will provide you with a proposal and price to have your jewelry looking like new again. You can even wait while it is being done if it is a simple repair.

Repair on a pearl necklace.Putting back a stone on a ring as a careful repair.A ring getting cleaned and polish for a brilliant finish.

Thank you Margaret for designing my beautiful necklace that was my grandmothers. It has been sitting in my drawer for 16 years & needed to be repaired. I love it & will cherish it. Great customer service!

Mary Haskk
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skillS that can be trusted

Our 30 years of experience speaks for itself.

Accredited Diamond Grader
Master Stone Setter
Bench Jeweler & Goldsmith

Design Your Own Jewelry

A unique piece crafted to your desires.

For twenty years, award-winning jewelry designer Margarette Elie has hand-crafted jewelry in our workshop with creativity and skills. From precious metals and stones into unique works she amazes with an attention to detail and quality of construction which mass-produced jewelry can never match.


Get inspired

The journey starts with finding inspiration. From a shape or item that you admire, to patterns and forms in nature and wildlife, or maybe from classic works of the jeweler’s art from. Your unique piece will speak of your loves, desires and feelings.


Visualize the piece

With precision, a line-drawn sketch is put together and a 3D computer visualization of every line and exact position of each gem is mapped out allowing you to see exactly how the final piece will look before work begins.


Get it crafted

Once the design is complete and the visualization approved, the detailed work of crafting each piece gets started. The sketched design is then carved usually into special jeweler’s wax. This perfect model flawlessly shows how the final piece will come out. Elie Jewelry Repair will craft the piece hand carving the details, assemble the creation, add the sparkle with selected gems, and make it shine.

A brillant diamond ring.A celtic style masculine ring.A beautiful vintage style ring.

Have a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry, designed and crafted just for you. Your happiness and satisfaction is guaranteed!


fully licensed & insured

Have peace of mind knowing that you are covered.

Elie Jewelry Repair has comprehensive jewelers umbrella insurance with Jewelers Mutual Insurance Co.