Diamond Replacement Near You in Yelm

Make your jewelry flawless once again

Diamond Replacement

Almost all kinds of jewelry like rings, necklaces, bracelets, or earrings may have a diamond. If the diamond of your favorite jewelry becomes loose or falls out, Elie Jewelry Repair can fix it within the same day. We offer top-notch diamond replacement services near you in Yelm. The benefit is that you wouldn’t have to change the entire piece of jewelry if the diamond is damaged or fall out. Our award-winning jeweler will remove the damaged stone and replace it without compromising the remaining elements. The diamond replacement process will include: - Inspection of your jewelry piece - Finding the perfect match to replace the missing diamond - Setting the diamond to its place in the jewelry - Cleaning and polishing the jewelry Make your jewelry flawless once again with our top-notch diamond replacement services in Yelm.

diamond replacement services near you in Yelm

A visit to Elie Jewelry Design is such a joy. So many gorgeous and unique pieces of jewelry to enjoy and it feels like a visit with friends. I always feel like they are glad to see me when I come in. Margarette helped me find the perfect earrings to go with a family heirloom necklace and did an amazing repair job on a bracelet. I'm ready to go back to find a very special pair of earrings. If you want something that is really special and unique, check out Elie Jewelry Design. They are THE BEST.

Linda Shea
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