Gemstone Replacement Near You in Yelm

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Gemstone Replacement

Ahh, gemstones! The heart of every jewelry piece has the highest potential to crack or missing. If you have lost a diamond stone, pearl, or got scratches on ruby, then don’t panic because Elie Jewelry Repair is here to provide you professional gemstone replacement services near you in Yelm. We do all types of gemstone replacements and setting for all kinds of jewelry. Our gemstone replacement service includes: - Inspection of your jewelry piece - Finding the perfect match to replace the missing gemstone - Setting the gemstone to its correct place in the jewelry - Cleaning and polishing the jewelry for delivery Elie Jewelry Repair strives to take restoring the life of your beautiful and expensive jewelry in Yelm. We make your piece of jewelry sparkle as bright as new. Contact us today!

gemstone replacement services near you in Yelm

Great customer service and amazing jewelry repair.

Christiane Schroeder
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