Gold Bracelet Repair Near You in Yelm

Repair your gold bracelet

Gold Bracelet Repair

The feeling of a gold bracelet breaking is very annoying. But it doesn’t mean that your jewelry is damaged for a lifetime because Elie Jewelry Repair offers the best gold bracelet repair near you in Yelm. The repair cost will be depending on the type of gold your bracelet made. Our gold bracelet repair service includes: - Gold bracelet inspection - Fixing the breaks with soldering - Repairing or replacement of clasp - Adjustment of the length of the bracelet Here at Elie Jewelry Repair, we have fixed hundreds of gold bracelets for various customers. Get the fastest repairs in 1 hour if required. Feel free to contact us to know more about our gold bracelet repair service in Yelm.

gold bracelet repair near you in Yelm

Margarette helped me find the perfect earrings to go with a family heirloom necklace and did an amazing repair job on a bracelet.

Linda Shea
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