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Jewelry Cleaning & Polishing

Time-to-time jewelry cleaning & polishing is necessary to keep it shining and never seems to grow old over time. According to your jewelry materials and manufacture, a specific chemical is required for correct cleaning. It can be a simple wash, dip into the water and soap, or polishing. At Elie Jewelry Repair, we can clean and polish your jewelry and make it look like the day you got it. What is the Process for Jewelry Cleaning & Polishing? - Inspect for loose stones, bent prongs, and any damage to the metal or stones. Repair if any required. It is a part of routine jewelry care and maintenance. - Buffing and polishing the jewelry to remove any scratches and make its surface smooth and shiny. - Cleaning the jewelry to remove dirt, oil, lotions, etc. with some cleaners and clothes. The cleaning is based on the type of jewelry like gemstones, silver, gold, or diamond. - Final cleaning is done with steam to remove the remaining objects. Get advice on exactly what cleaning and polishing are appropriate for your jewelry and if this requires specialist equipment, our workshop and experts in Yelm are ready to handle it.

jewelry cleaning & polishing services near you in Yelm

I love Elie design ! A little gem in Yelm. My hubby has given me numerous extraordinary pieces from their collection through the years . I have found gifts for others and I have had them repair and clean my jewelry which was always beautifully done . The owners Margaret and Stefan are professional and fun . I would highly recommend them for all things jewelry !

Alice Fairley
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