Jewelry Laser Welding Services in Yelm

Make your Broken Jewelry Look like New

Jewelry Laser Welding

Laser welding is one of the trading items in the jewelry industry. It is an innovative technology used to join common alloys into one, or correct manufacturing defects, or for small repairs. At Elie Jewelry Repair, we offer the best jewelry laser welding service in Yelm. Laser welding is also helpful in repairing fashion jewelry and stainless-steel items. It is perfect for repairing jewelry that contains very heat-sensitive gemstones. Here are the benefits of jewelry laser welding: - Innovative and latest technology - Speeds up the jewelry repair process - Safe for heat-sensitive jewelry Elie Jewelry Repair in Yelm is always available to make quick changes to your jewelry with laser technology so it will look its best. Call us for more information.

jewelry laser welding services in Yelm

It was great service with my fiance's stainless steel bracelet. It looks amazing and fits perfectly. Thank you guys so much!

Tamia Whiteside
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