Rhodium Plating/Gold Dipping Service Near You in Yelm

preserve and protect the shine of your jewelry

Rhodium Plating/Gold Dipping

Rhodium plating or gold dipping is a process of electrically plating gold onto a base metal of your jewelry. It preserves and protects the shine of your jewelry. Gold dipping is a perfect solution for those who cannot afford complete gold jewelry. Gold plating provides all the qualities of gold without spending a huge cost. At Elie Jewelry Repair, we offer quality rhodium plating/gold dipping service near you in Yelm with the following: - Service available for jewelry of all types - Suitable for the bigger pieces of jewelry like necklaces and chains - Gives a fresh golden look to your jewelry We use this technique to restore the luster and protect the sheen of many jewelry pieces in Yelm. Get in touch with us if you need more information.

rhodium plating/gold dipping service near you in Yelm

Margaret just made me the most beautiful solid 18k gold wrist cuff I have ever seen ! I'm an equestrian so she hand carved little horses running across the face of the cuff ! It's unbelievably gorgeous and I'm sooo happy ! Love it love it love it !!!

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