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Ring Resizing

Does Your Ring Need Resizing? A ring with an oversize shank could slip off your finger and be lost. Similarly, A ring with an undersized shank could be stuck on your finger. But you can get your ring resized near you at Elie Jewelry Repair. Our master craftsmen and  ring repair specialists have over 30 years of experience in jewelry repair and ring sizing. An award-winning jeweler will promptly diagnose and resize your ring so you can comfortably wear it. The ring resizing services include: - Ring sizing up - Ring sizing down - Shank shrinking and replacement - Beads stabilization. At Elie Jewelry Repair, we use the latest tools, equipment, and refined processes in our jewelry repair workshop to make sure every repair will be perfectly done to the highest standard of quality. Get your tight or loose rings fitting with our seamless ring resizing service in Yelm.

ring resizing services near you in Yelm

I absolutely would recommend Elie Jewelry, they did a lovely job with a custom ring for me. Margaret re-created the pattern and cast it in a larger size, it is exactly what i hoped for. She caught the personality of the ring (&me) and made something I will wear every day, with joy. Excellent customer service as well as timely, when i have jewelry needs, I will take them to Elie Jewelry Design.

Al Metheny
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