Ring Shank Replacement & Repair in Yelm

Re-Shank Your Cracked Shank

Ring Shank Replacement & Repair

A ring shank is also known as a ring band that holds it in the finger. With regular wear, it becomes weak and breaks down over time. If your ring shank also needs repair or replacement, we at Elie Jewelry Repair can help you. We offer the best ring shank replacement and repair services in Yelm. Our ring shank replacement service includes: - Cutting the old broken shank - Form the ring back in round shape in the correct size - Attach the shank with ring crown soldering tools - Polish the shank and make it shine. We have a well-equipped jewelry repair lab and an award-winning jeweler in Yelm to provide high-quality repair to our customers. Get your ring restored to its original state. Feel free to contact us for more information.

ring shank replacement & repair services in Yelm

Made my ring look amazing with extra work that is gorgeous. Very professional, helpful and honest. Will definitely come back and recommend to friends!!!

Veronika Firch
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